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Why should you choose Duuzra for your next Virtual Event?

Click on the video below, and see how a Duuzra Virtual Event differs from other platforms.

Our Core Principles

Duuzra Virtual Events provides multiple options for any Virtual Event with three core principles:

Premiere Service

Guaranteed Engagement

Valuable Analytics

A new take on the traditional 'Virtual Meeting'

Duuzra’s split screen experience provides an exceptional interface that simplifies viewing and engagement for your attendees.

Your Event Stream can host one to many Presenters, Panel Sessions, Live Q&A’s and Break Out Sessions. And the Duuzra Engagement Panel allows all of your Event Content and Engagement Features to be easily accessible and interacted with.

The Platform

Engagement Panel

The engagement panel provides an opportunity to interact with your audience in real time as well as host any supporting collateral. 

The software simultaneously captures the data and analytics of each attendees interactions and movement to provide you detailed and custom-made reporting.

The Platform

Stream Window

Easily display all of your Presentation Content, Live Steam Videos and Pre-recorded Videos.  And with Duuzra Converze there can be a two-way dialogue between your Presenters and Attendees. 

A Full Suite of Features

Some of the features and controls, that you can add to the engagement panel

Design Flexibility

We offer different levels of branding opportunities within the Virtual Stream, enabling you to adapt the various areas within our platform to fit in-line with your requirements.

The true value of Duuzra is the Data that it produces

Pharma Client - UK

Duuzra will produce bespoke reporting throughout the programme. As well as high a level engagement summary, you will be provided a detailed report with overall and individual analytics, browsing analytics, questions, poll results, documents downloaded and more.. Reporting can be bespoke as required, should specific analysis be needed as part of the programme we will be happy to arrange this.

Choose your journey

We have a platform that can handle any type of meeting/event and suit your budget no matter how big or small.

Full Service Virtual

Some Events require a little bit more attention, production and a higher end experience for you attendees.

This Full Service option allows you to sit back and have the Duuzra Team do it all for you and create an immersive experience from your Presenters to your Audience.

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Duuzra Converze

Specifically designed for smaller meetings and breakouts that need maximum engagement and a two-way Dialogue.

This option allows virtual attendees to have back and forth conversation while still engaging with the Duuzra Engagement Panel. Meeting Host has control over participants with a multitude of Hosting Options and can allow for Screensharing for presentations.

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Duuzra On-demand

Pre-record Video with a live event experience.

Duuzra On Demand can also function as a break out session for large conferences or as a stand alone alternative when you need to share Video Content and gather feedback.

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Duuzra Lite

Simply be able to host your Presenters in your existing Webinar Platform, while combining it with the Duuzra Engagement Panel.

This option allows for Duuzra to work within various budgets and still gains maximum engagement and analytics.

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