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Virtual Events & Meetings

Ensuring continuous engagement

Worried about your colleagues going to events & meetings in the current environment?

The Duuzra Virtual Platform allows you to reach your global audience instantly, creating a live interactive experience outside of a traditional event venue.

  • Give presentations remotely

  • Gather digital audience consensus, opinions and insights

  • Generate feedback & survey data

  • Share & control any type of content instantaneously

  • Distribute content before and after your event to extend the lifecycle of your event material

  • Allow direct content download

  • Catch browsing behaviour data analytics

  • Embrace ESG:  remove paper & move to digital formats

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint & save event budget but need to connect with clients, customers & colleagues around the world effectively?

Solution 1

Managed Virtual Events

Duuzra’s Virtual Engagement Platform allows you to connect with remote attendees via a live stream while allowing them to interact with your content and engagement features.


  • Duuzra is a unique, managed Virtual Meeting platform.
  • A dynamic combination of content, interactive features and visual presenter engagement.
  • Duuzra’s Virtual Engagement platform allows you to connect with remote attendees via a live stream while interacting with Duuzra’s standard software they would experience in person, on site.
  • Duuzra  will help coordinate speakers, production of the meeting, and offer virtual support whilst the meeting is happening.
  • Finally, get more data and analytics from your virtual meeting.
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Solution 2

Hub and Spoke Virtual Meetings

Bringing together an In-Person Event and Remote Attendees using Duuzra’s Virtual Platform.


  • This combines a main event location (HUB) with remote attendees in several event locations (SPOKES)
  • In room, clients either utilize Duuzra’s full service or BYOD solutions to facilitate content distribution and in room engagement.
  • Remote attendees typically watch a stream of event and utilize Duuzra’s HTML or native Mobile app to access event materials and take part in the interactive content.
  • Typically created in conjunction with client’s AV partner, with enhanced production of live meeting.
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Solution 3

Second Screen Solution

Simply add an immersive second screen experience for every attendee, while using your current Web Meeting Platform.


  • Clients host basic conference call / video conference with additional requirement of data capture / interaction
  • Remote attendees access materials via our HTML URL ( or white labeled URL) or native applications on a secondary device.
  • Increase in content retention and engagement through knowledge based testing.
  • Often used for internal meetings by license clients
  • Additional content lives on device — allow attendees to download documents and track analytics
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Case Study

A multinational corporation tasked Duuzra with the challenge of creating a virtual event experience simultaneously across multiple global locations.

Client’s Goal

To maintain effectiveness and impact of a critical event that historically required delegates to travel to a single central venue.

Utilizing the Duuzra virtual platform, we effectively helped our partner achieve the following:

  • Celebrated a huge ESG victory
  • Achieved 95% delegate participation
  • Generated high volumes of meaningful commercial data, customer opinions and browsing analytics
  • Increased ROI by 50%

Ready to hold a Virtual Meeting? 

The drive to reduce travel can have a positive impact on business operations and be an opportunity to increase efficiency and achieve sustainability objectives.